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The roots of Southpaw Spray Company, LLC actually began over 45 years ago. In 1971, Seth's Grandpa, Gerald Tausan, became the Sheridan County Weed Superintendent. In 1990, Gerald retired from Sheridan County and started Tausan Weed Control.
It was at this time, when Seth was in his early teens, that he assisted his grandfather with his spraying business. Seth got his first commercial certification through the Nebraska Department of Agriculture in 1996 and would return home in the summers from college to work for his grandfather. Seth decided to move home in 2001, when he bought into Tausan Weed Control and took over operations.

Since 2001, Tausan Weed Control has operated primarily as a noxious weed/invasive species spray business. Throughout the years, we have been approached many times regarding lawn and pest/rodent control. In the Spring of 2015, we became certified in these specific categories, and in the Fall of 2015, Seth married Ashlei Benben and together they started Southpaw Spray Company, LLC. (They are both left handed).

Southpaw Spray Co. LLC, is a full-time direct service based business that is able to perform residential, commercial and agricultural invasive species inspections, recommendations and treatment applications. With the knowledge and experience we have regarding invasive species, equipment, chemicals and growing seasons, we are easily able to communicate with our customers an economical and practical solution to their weed and pest needs.

Seth and Ashlei Tausan  •  308-282-1027  •  P.O. Box 406   •  Gordon, NE 69343